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  • Evelyn Collins

What makes life joyful and worth living?

Two friends sat at a table, savoring their food while engaged in a deep, meaningful conversation.


Now this is life eternal: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

                                                                         — John 17:3, NIV


If someone asked me whether I knew the Lord, my response was “yes.” Of course, I knew the Lord and believed he loved and died for me. However, there were moments when doubt crept in and a specific question nagged at me. “Are you positive you’re going to heaven?” There wasn’t always a deep assurance within me because I didn’t fully trust in God and I hadn’t surrendered everything to Him.

I learned that it’s possible to be acquainted with individuals without developing deep bonds. A personal relationship with God is a mutual, genuine, and intimate friendship. God longs for a deep connection with us, and He also desires for us to cultivate meaningful relationships with others.        

            However, I hadn’t developed a deep connection with Him. I prayed to Him for various needs, wants, and during troubling times but I hadn’t relinquished control of my life to Him. So, I struggled with feeling weak and inferior since I based decisions on my ability rather than God’s will. My actions didn’t measure up to God’s standard or fulfill His plans for my life. Often I compared my performance to others as a sign of whether I was acceptable to God. I prayed to Him for my needs during frightful times, but didn’t seek His direction or realize the joy found in glorifying Him by doing what He wants.

Women seeking God in prayer

            When I read the scripture, “Choose this day who you will serve” (Joshua 24:15, NIV), I questioned whether I was serving Christ. I realized my prayers were shallow and selfish rather than focused on God. I hadn’t surrendered control of my life to Jesus. Instead, I sought God to fulfill my desires. In ignorance, my love for myself was an idol. I wanted God to serve me rather than be God's servant. The Holy Spirit revealed I worshiped myself rather than God when my focus was on myself.

            Then, without hesitation, I began seeking Jesus’s plans for my life. I said yes to God because I longed to grow closer to our Creator. At that moment, Jesus secured my eternal fate. He set my heart on fire. My focus shifted toward God and His purpose

Woman discovering how much God loves her

            The day you discover Christ is the best day to choose Him as Lord, then your eternal destiny is secure. Nothing compares to knowing that you’re ready to meet God face to face. As your earthly journey concludes, you will stand before Jesus and He will reveal the truth about your relationship with Him.

            It’s not enough to acknowledge that Jesus died for your sins; loving Christ requires a deeper commitment. By making Jesus your priority, you embark on a new life. You are born of the Spirit of God. The days of putting yourself before God and others are gone; instead it’s a life of selfless surrender. You lean on Christ and no longer crave comfort, because He comforts you.

            Now I read the Bible, pray, and sit in His presence. Fear seldom plagues me because I love the Lord and have the deep assurance that I’m a part of His family. I’m discovering how much He loves me. My bond with Christ is vital. Becoming a committed Christian makes life joyful and worth living.  


Father, I’m forever grateful for Your loving relationship with me. I delight in delving deep into the depths of divine love and discovering Your perfect plan. My existence is empty and lacks purpose unless You are my Lord. Your companionship makes life joyful and meaningful.

Your turn

How has knowing God made your life more meaningful? How did you acquire that deep assurance in God?

Blessings, Evelyn Collins


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